Effective July 16, 2021

Step Three Roadmap To Reopen Directives

  Travellers and Limited Release from Federal
Quarantine for Compassionate entry

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PLEASE NOTE: Masks are mandatory while inside all facilities and while attending outdoor services or
visiting interment rights.
Access to Funeral facilities and Cemetery offices is
restricted to essential services needs by appointment only. Doors remain locked.

MPG COVID-19 Protocols

Property/Facility Access


Traveller Quarantine

Service Protocols/Procedures

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The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be the single largest event to occur in our lifetimes challenging the stability of the economy, threatening our health and mental well-being, and adding to the pain and grief of losing a loved one, for so many people in our country.  Throughout the pandemic, the situation has been fluid and change has been constant as we adapted processes to operate within the restrictions COVID-19 has imposed.  One thing that has not changed is MPG’s commitment to the health and safety of our staff, the families we serve and their guests who participate in the services we conduct, and doing the right thing.

During the pandemic we have implemented a vast number of protocols to ensure that staff and the people we serve are safe.  For the community, although it was a difficult decision, in the early stages of the imposed lock down we temporarily closed our gates to support the efforts to curb the spread of the virus.  For many, the virus has struck hard at their livelihood and many firms have struggled to remain solvent. We are all in this together and while we qualified to participate in the government wage subsidy program we chose not to apply for the support, firmly believing that this program was not intended for us and should be preserved for those organizations truly in need.  MPG has a solid foundation and in our role as an essential service provider, we have been blessed with the ability to maintain all of our employee positions.

We continue to remain focused on health and safety, and a commitment to good corporate citizenship.  Together, with your diligence and understanding we all will emerge on the other side of this pandemic stronger.

For specific details relating to our service protocols and current Provincial and Bereavement Authority of Ontario restrictions, please refer to the navigation links to the left.